Learning Hindi

Today I had my first official lesson in Hindi. We met Sweta as she was working at an Indian bakery we went into last week. Sweta has been so sweet and has already met a few times with a couple of the other girls who are interested in learning Hindi. Emily and I went to the bakery after class today to visit Sweta and she taught us a couple of phrases in Hindi we can start off practicing. It was pretty funny hearing myself try to imitate what Sweta was teaching us to say, I need a lot of practice to say the least. We have gained much more than a language helper, but a new friend!

Our time with Neil is sadly running out, as we had our second to last class with him today. In class this morning things got interesting when Neil ask someone to go up to the bored and draw a picture of him. He chose by asking the worst artistes in the group the raise their hands, and one of those raised arms was mine. To mix things up, Neil decided to have a draw off and picked two people. Guess who was one who got chosen… yep you guessed it this girl was! Neil had us do this to make a point about perception and used our drawings as an example.

My portrait is on the left, the real Neil is in the middle, and Sam’s portrait is on the right.



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